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European Tour Golf: Twenty years ago, Tiger and Earl Woods entered Nelson Mandela’s restaurant between the two rounds of the Million Dollar Challenge. Four years after the end of apartheid, the assistance of Woods, despite receiving a large amount of fees for appearance, was promoted as a symbol of the new South Africa.

This is an agreement established a long time ago, this week, the European Tour became the last sport, it was drowned after the rebranding of Saudi Arabia.

According to Tour Chiefs Keith Paley, a new and profitable frontier of “Desert Swing” track is already open to business due to the “vision” of Muhammad bin Salman.
Last Sunday, Justin Rose was the sixth golfer to win more than $ 50 million on the PGA Tour, perfecting the cosmic moment. With his victory at the San Diego Farmers Insurance Open, the number one in the world now totals $ 50.02 million. However, this does not include the income from its European Tour, which currently has 27.25 million euros. Tell

It turns out that Ross will definitely perform well in the first international Saudi competition. In fact, he could not even insist on celebrating Sunday’s victory, and a plane was waiting for him at his first stop on his long trip to the west coast of Saudi Arabia. The cash prize for the tournament was $ 3.5 million, although Rose and others paid $ 1 million through the show fee. As for the conclusion, I think this is just the latest version of this old question: How much does golf cost?

The event will take place at the Royal Greens Golf and Country Club, called King Abdullah Economic City, which evokes the beauty of the Saudi royal family and money. As mentioned above, this is a new date on the European Tour, and you will always be quick to keep up with your PGA opponents.

The decision to allow Saudi Arabia to host a tourist event was a hangover at a time when people were consciously thinking that Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman was a good egg. If he does not want to be fussy, he will remember that after a murder and dismemberment of one of his critics, Jamal Khashoggi, at the Saudi Arabian consulate in Istanbul last October, this apparent reputation has been reduced. Since the deliberate murder by the CIA of the so-called direct command of MbS, it has been widely believed that Prince Muhammad’s good man’s clothes need a little work.

However, it has not penetrated enough for the CEO of the European Tour, Keith Pelley, who could still delay his observations in 2018. “We have a good relationship with the Middle East,” explained Keith, and this is the homogenization of the regions. more divided of the planet. “We understand that [Saudi Arabia] aims to make business, tourism and leisure more accessible throughout the country in the next decade.”

Rose, after winning the victory in San Diego on Sunday, told the Saudi Arabia international team: “There will be many points in the world ranking, this is a good golf course, it will be an experience to experience Saudi Arabia.” Photo: Jevone Moore / CSM / Rex / Shutterstock
Because he did not even touch the distance of a track, Keith was ranked higher than Justin’s responsibility. Even so, when players like Paul Casey decided not to play in Saudi Arabia for human rights reasons, Ross had little impact on the dismissal. “This is a very good field,” he concluded. He said: “There will be many points in the world ranking, in any case, this is a good golf course, it will be an experience to experience Saudi Arabia.” [Warning: the experience of Saudi Arabia may vary according to the user. Different “I have rested for three weeks, so international travel is excellent for the calendar, and so is my trip to Europe, very early.” That is all

Of course, there are other excuses. Ian Poulter also decided to start the trip. He said: “I may not be the most educated person in the world, sit down and discuss the political problems.” Oh please. Poulter is very intelligent. It really is not necessary to be a professor of political science. Cut a person in the embassy and could put the perpetrator in the “The guy who should not carry money” file.

Of course, it must be said that Ross and Poulter are from only one country, the United Kingdom, which is most unforgivable for Riyadh and continues to sell billions of pounds of arms to the Saudis every year. So, is Ross and the European Tour really higher than the British government? In an ideal world, the answer is no. But in a real world, imagine not allowing yourself to reach a higher standard than the British government.

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